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As dental professionals, we’re here to make your smile look its best. With years of experience in traditional dental procedures, as well as a sharp focus on the latest tools and techniques available today, we are able to repair damaged teeth and enhance smiles in ways that might surprise you. Indeed, our job has entered a new era. But we can’t do our job without your help.

Good dental health is as much a personal responsibility as it is a matter of taking advantage of all that modern dentistry has to offer. At Cleona Dental, the private practice of Drs. Jennifer S. Davis and Katelyn Wray, we encourage patients to take responsibility for the condition and care of their teeth. In addition to placing state-of-the-art dental veneers, chemically whitening teeth, and performing smile makeovers, we stress the importance of things like identifying and correcting cavities before they become a problem, monitoring gum health, and replacing silver amalgam fillings with less-damaging tooth-colored versions. Whether you visit our office for a regular exam or for our expertise in correcting a serious dental issue, Dr. Davis and Dr. Wray will help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.


See the transformations that are made possible through dentistry.

five stars

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had to go to therapy for my fear of the dentist! I am now 27 years old and just one year ago I finally took initiative to come see Dr. Davis, and let me say, there really are no words to describe how patient, understanding, helpful and generous she’s been with me. Although I’m still a little antsy and nervous in the chair, my song fearfulness has subsided. Thank you.” –Taby

five green stars

“I called for an emergency appointment on a Friday for a chipped front tooth. They didn’t have an opening but I explained how I was in a wedding the next day and they fit me in within the hour (even though I was also a new patient)! Dr. Davis smoothed/evened out my 2 front teeth, 2 bottom teeth and fixed the chipped tooth for me all in an hour! The staff was amazing! Thank you again! Was my first time there but definitely won’t be my last.” –Ashley

five stars

“Since moving out to PA it’s been a struggle to find a good dentist and man did I find a great place. Extremely courteous and professional all around. I was worried about how my insurance was going to be with my root canals but the front office made sure understood all my options and worked with me on my out of pocket expenses. The team was making sure I was comfortable and knew exactly what was going on. I will recommend this office to anyone!” –Will


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