Smile in the new year!!

added on: January 3, 2017

Are you comfortable with your smile? Do you have malodor? Are you having pain or discomfort? Do you bleed when you floss? Knowing more about your mouth is an excellent New Year’s resolution!

Did you know that you are 70% more likely to complete your goals if you write them down?

Take some time today to write down some goals you have for your mouth.

These may include, but may be more detailed on your list:

  1. Seeing a dentist for a cleaning or exam. Has it been sometime since you have been seen?
  2. Improving your smile (Do you need braces, veneers or whitening?)
  3. Flossing or using helpful tools to get in between the teeth everyday.
  4. Brushing after each meal.
  5. Limiting sugar intake.
  6. Decreasing stain causing foods. (Stay tuned for the next blog for a list of food and drinks that cause stain)
  7. Tooth replacement.
  8. Dental education

Remember to take care of yourself so you can better take care of others. Your mouth is a great place to start as it can affect your overall health.

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