Mouth guards: A great fit for the fit.

added on: April 26, 2017

Sports are an excellent form of exercise. Playing sports brings out endurance, talent and speed.  It takes training and practice each day.  When you learn the rules and correct forms to advance in your sport or sports, you’re protecting yourself from injury.  Your teeth should also be protected via use of a mouth guard.

Mouth guards are a plastic appliance worn on the teeth during practice and games to prevent injury and tooth loss to the teeth. You can boil and form them t the teeth. This type can be found at a pharmacy or department store and is an excellent option for children whose teeth change frequently due to growth, loss of baby teeth and at times movement from braces.  A mouth guard can also be fabricated at your dental office for a better, custom fit.  This is an excellent choice for someone with an unchanging or infrequently changing mouth.

More than 200,000 injuries occur to the mouth and jaw each year. Mouth guards lessen the chance of injury with direct blows to the mouth or jaw.  When wearing a mouth guard, you’re protecting lips, gums, and teeth.  You greatly decrease your risk of losing or breaking teeth when wearing a mouth guard.  For sport that requires contact, a mouth guard should be worn.  Contact can include with other people, sports equipment and the ground.

A mouth guard should be cleaned with warm soap and water. When not in use it should be stored in a well ventilated plastic case. They are sensitive to heat and should avoid being in direct sunlight or an enclose vehicle when not in use.  On a custom mouth guard, adjustments can be made as needed by your dentist.

Your teeth are important. In addition to daily home care routines like brushing, flossing and mouth rinse, be sure to protect them from your fun filled and competitive activities.  Ask your dentist if a mouth guard is a good “fit” for your sport.

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