Love your teeth while on vacation!

added on: October 4, 2017

Vacations are a fun, relaxing time from work, school and the stresses of daily life. Traveling and being on vacation can make it difficult to care for your mouth as you exit from routine. To help avoid taking a vacation from your oral health care, I have provided a list below of ten tips to help keep the mouth healthy in the midst of traveling chaos, a busy work trip or all that fun on your family vacation.

  1. Be sure to bring all the necessities- brush, floss, and mouth rinse. If you have bridges or braces, bring all the extras. If you’re already in the habit, you want to keep yourself there.
  2. Upon arrival, put your oral health kit out on the bathroom sink. Remember: Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Know your routine for the next day. Provide yourself with enough time each morning.
  4. Be sure to brush before you get too tired or relaxed. Night time brushing is especially important as you want to rid your mouth of bad bacteria. You produce less saliva at night. Saliva is a cleansing mechanism.
  5. Travel toothbrushes are available for long travel days. Consider keeping one in your purse, personal bag or pocket.
  6. Watch your sugar intake. We all love and deserve a sweet treat now and again, but do your best not to overindulge on your vacation. Your teeth will thank you!
  7. Get the family involved! Make it a family affair to care for your teeth each morning and night.
  8. Forgot your toothbrush? Most hotels will provide you with essentials like razors and brushes. Don’t be afraid to ask for a toothbrush!
  9. Keep in mind flying rules! If all you need is a carry-on, make sure your mouth rinse and toothpaste are in a quart size Ziploc bag and area 3 ounces or less. Otherwise, anything over 3 oz needs to be in a checked bag. Again, always consider tip #5.
  10. Set an alarm on your phone, watch or tablet. In the middle of a busy schedule, carrying for the children and being sure you’re arriving on time, it is easy to forget. Set an A.M. and P.M. alarm to assure you will always think about giving your mouth the attention it also deserves.

Hopefully these tips help! Remember caring for yourself can lead to a more memorable vacation, a focused business trip and a happy stranger sitting next to you on that plane! Safe travels.

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