Give Kids a Smile Day.

added on: January 24, 2017

February 15, 2017 we are holding our 8th annual, “Give Kids A Smile” day!  Each year in February or March we dedicate a half day to provide children 17 and younger with a cleaning, exam and xrays at no cost.  If your child has further needs, we will schedule them at a later date for and filling, extraction or sealant needs.  Call our office for more information and please share our wonderful event with your friends, family and co-workers!

Each cleaning we scale tartar, plaque and food debri from the teeth.  Few children build tartar at this age, so cleaning times is less than that of adults.  We follow with polish, floss and a fluoride treatment (future fluoride blog, stay tuned.).

Xrays are either taken with digital or film technique to evaluate dentition (teeth in the mouth), check for decay or note any possible infections or abnormalities. They help in addition to what we may see looking in the mouth.

The doctor does a dental exam after each cleaning is complete. The doctor can thoroughly evaluate lymph nodes, glands, soft tissues (cheek, tongue, lips and roof of the mouth) and teeth with a clean mouth! After completion of the oral cancer screening, teeth exam and xray review the doctor with provide a diagnosis, if any.

It is important for children to properly care for their teeth at home and with regular exams. Adult teeth usually replace the baby teeth in the mouth. With proper care of the baby teeth, they can hold space for the adult teeth to come in.  Early loss can result in mal-positioning, creating greater need for future orthodontics.  Xrays like a panoramic show full dentition and can early on show if a child has all their adult teeth present.  The hygienist can help guide you and your child in improved homecare (brushing, flossing and fluoride rinse) as they start brushing on their own.  We may also find the need to educate the child on how sugars can cause decay. Early cavity detection can help prevent your child from having tooth pain or losing a tooth early.

Sealants are a clear coating placed on the chewing surface of adult teeth to help prevent decay in the deeper grooved the toothbrush may not be able to reach. During development, some teeth will have more prominent grooves and sealants are an excellent preventative measure to help keep adult teeth (and the last set you get) healthy.

Fluoride is an excellent way to help prevent decay. Low doses are found in at home products like toothpaste, floss and rinses.  It can also be found in public water systems. In-office fluoride provides a higher does, providing extra protection against cavities. Prescription toothpastes are available for some patients with a high decay rate, lower saliva flow or poor homecare with braces.

You can see why it’s important to take good care of your teeth. We are here to help give your child excellent dental care. It is a great way for families to put their mouths in top priority without having it be a burden to their everyday lifestyles.


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