Brilliant white teeth has always been one of the most sought-after hallmarks of beauty. Unfortunately, pearly whites tend to lose their luster over the years. Tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine, and even sodas can cause discoloration as staining material settles into the tiny cracks and crevices in tooth enamel’s highly porous surface. To counter this, we offer in-office tooth whitening system that strips away the dullness.

To prepare you for the procedure, the dentist will clean your teeth, fill any cavities, and see that your gums are healthy. We also want to make sure tooth whitening will work for your particular situation, since some discoloration – such as tetracycline banding – will not do well with whitening systems. The procedure, which involves an application of hydrogen peroxide in a concentration that is tailored to each patient, is painless and quick enough that some patients are able to squeeze it into their lunch hour.